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“HIP HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes”

📸 Last night, the American Corner Shtip in collaboration with Дом на млади Штип held an exclusive screening of “HIP HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes”. 🎬
The documentary takes us on a journey through the origins of hip hop culture and its impact on youth identity globally. Featuring interviews with legends like Mos Def, Fat Joe, Chuck D, Jeddakis, Busta Rhymes and Russell Simmons, as well as insights from cultural commentators Michael Eric Dyson and Beverly Guy-Sheftal, it was an eye-opening experience for all in attendance.
After the film, we had a discussion led by Peace Corps Volunteer Maya Celander, where we discussed topics of race, gender-based violence, masculinity, and corporate exploitation of youth culture. 🌍
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