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Движење 001

ДВИЖЕЊЕ001 is happening on Saturday – Nov. 26th at Dom na Mladi – Shtip ⭐️

“ДВИЖЕЊЕ” is an event organized by Unknown Movement and a couple of friends, it started as an idea a couple of months ago and its main goal is to change the standards of the local nightlife, break the stereotypes surrounding the local music scene and give the youth a chance to enjoy their night out without nepotism, reservations and expensive liquor.

ДВИЖЕЊЕ001 (the first “ДВИЖЕЊЕ” event) is going to be promoting the new electronic music wave that caught our attention this last year, allowing each artist to expand the margins and promote a different sub-genre with their set, while we are going to be working behind the scenes, recording all of the DJ sets and then distributing them across all social media for those who want to relive them.
Poster design by @dj_nixar

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